A. The doubts the author had about being able to complete his adventure

B. The difficulty the author had pushing his wagon along the street

C. The distance between the author’s house and the store

D. The details that the author remembers most vividly about that day

“But I was born to do the long jump. My instinct is to jump,” Teresa said as she sat on a bench.

“When I’m on the Olympic team, you’ll see what I mean.”

Teresa’s comments influence the theme of the story because they show that she —

A. does not know a lot about long jumping

B. thinks that her coach does not give her useful advice

C. believes that she is a better long jumper than she actually is

D. feels as though she has to prove her abilities to others

Coach Wilson calls Teresa’s mother before the tryout most likely to —

A. inform her that Teresa’s tryout is probably going to be unsuccessful

B. tell her that Teresa will have to adjust to working with a new coach

C. persuade Teresa’s mother to talk Teresa out of attending the tryout

D. give Teresa’s mother directions to the training facility in Grand Prairie

What is the main theme of the selection?

A. Breaking the rules usually leads to a negative outcome.

B. People often have a strong desire to explore the unknown.

C. People tend to forget things when they are in a hurry.

D. Going to a new location can be an exciting experience.

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Its D thats the answer

answered 1 year ago